The herd originated in 1961 with brothers, John and Thomas Vandeberghe purchasing purebred cows from various breeders in North Dakota.  After some years of operating together in the Cleveland area, John sold his share of the cow herd in the mid-1970s.  Purchasing only a few of John’s cows to include with his own herd, Thomas then moved to the Streeter, ND area. There he operated and sold bulls under the name of Vandeberghe Angus with his wife and two sons.

 Paul being actively involved in the purebred operation at a young age, purchased his first show animal from Scherbenske Angus of Lehr, ND.  This 1982 model heifer is the foundation of the Anita cow family in our herd today.  Purchasing and showing his Angus cattle at various events was the start of his love and development of our Angus herd.  Bulls were tested against strong competition including North Dakota State Bull Test and Midland Bull Test in Columbus, Montana where they received top honors for both Average Daily Gain and Weight per day of Age.

In 1997 after purchasing Tom’s purebred herd in its entirety then added it to our already existing herd of more than 135 head. The operation was moved to Cleveland, ND at that time.  We have since represented ourselves as Vandeberghe's Flying V Angus; our program now represents more than 56 years of combined Angus breeding in our production sale.  We feel our herd has shown tremendous improvement in the last 17 years.  Through rigorous breeding and aggressive culling practices we developed a no-nonsense cowherd that allowed us to implement our long-term plan for the 1st Annual Production sale in  2001.  We focus our attention on all traits, such as calving ease to performance, fertility, udder quality, fleshing ability, structural soundness, carcass traits, and eye appeal.  We continue our herd growth with these consistent qualities and practices in mind. These standards only get harsher as we face the new challenges of extreme weather swings, a volatile  feeder market and higher feed costs that forces the demand of higher feed efficiency.  As a cattle breeder, we have strived to keep on top of the every changing requirements of our customers by using the best genetic bloodlines available to us in our program.

We practice the same selection standards for our yearling bulls and heifers, only the top cut of the calf crop is kept based on performance and quality standards. Performance data on all animals are submitted through the AHIR program for official documentation. With our 2012 calf crop we implemented the new process of Genomic testing by Igenity. This was done to the entire  sale offering sold in our January 2013 sale including many of the heifers retained to our herd for replacements. Having this information incorporated into the EPDs improved accuracy of all selections traits. The results that we received back in the Igenity Profile confirmed that our choices have taken our herd in the correct direction. We had a positive reaction to this from our customer base and intent to continue to incorporate this practice yearly with the newer, more accurate HD and LD testing panels, Geneseek and Zoetis 50K.

Not only the rate of gain and pounds are considered at Flying V Angus, we are constantly aware of the need to preserve the traditional attributes of the Angus breed; milking and natural mother ability. Our aim is to keep a well-rounded program going, always looking for a better herd sire and to incorporate a dependable disposition to our seed stock, always trying to learn more about our cattle so that we will be able to better serve  our customers.  To further enhance our commitment to our customer needs, we implemented the use of EID tags on our feeder calves that we market on line through video sales.  We have utilized the sites of Big Blue Sale Barn and Superior Livestock Auctions over the last several years.  By using the process of Age and Source verification through the program Angus Source we are able to follow our feeder calves all the way to harvest on a individual basis.  With this information we are able to track if the sires we are using are providing our customers the best source of carcass qualities that are in demand more every year.  We are also able to utilize this information in our culling practices as well, disposing of individual females that are producing progeny that are inefficient on grass as well as in the feedlot. We followed only one pot load of steers from our 2009 calf crop, but for our 2010 calf crop we followed two pot loads, one full load of steers and the other was a split load of feeder heifers and steers. We were not able to obtain the data on our 2011 pot of steers, but had been informed that they had performed better then most in the last 10 years at this feedlot located in Iowa; the same feedlot purchased our steers in 2012. We have been very pleased with the results of how our cattle perform regardless of the location of the feedlot and the weather conditions they have had to endure during the conditioning period prior to harvest.

Our cattle are raised from birth to weaning with mother’s milk, grass, a complete mineral package, and the top growth genetics of the breed.  Only when we see the need from a grass shortage standpoint, will we supplement with creep feed.  We feel these practices enhance proper muscle growth.  No corn silage had been fed in our operation, but due to a shortage of hay supply in the last years we implemented the feeding practice of using silage in the fall of 2010.  We worked with our Hubbard feed analyst to continue insuring the long-term soundness of all our animals and have made a very successful transition.  We still feel our cattle give us a true performance measurement for both the cow and calf without skewing the data with manipulated feeding practices.

Thank you for your interest in our Flying V Angus program, if you have any other questions you would like answered, we are always interested in taking the time to visit with you—our customer.

Vandeberghe’s Flying V Angus is owned and operated by:


Paul and Lori Vandeberghe and their daughters, Alexis and Kelsey.

The Ranch is a family operation with all members actively involved in the care of our Angus herd, so disposition is of extreme importance.

Kelsey with her bunny Jenna showing as Cloverbud in 2013.

Congratulations to our daughter Alexis with show heifer Joy for winning 2013 Grand Champion Jr. Beef Showmanship at her first showing in the Stutsman County Fair.

Kelsey with her 2014 Jr commercial show Heifer, “Livvy”.

Liv was raised as a pail calf.

Alexis, Kelsey and 4-H friend Abby at the 2013 Stutsman County Fair.

Alexis competing in the Round Robin Showmanship competition at the 2013 Stutsman County Fair.

Girls showing at the 2015 Stutsman County Fair.

Alexis with her 2014 4-H show heifer “Shimmer”.

Kelsey with her Champion 2014 Jr. Buck, Charcoal.

Girls with their 2014 4-H show Steers.


Sired By:

Connealy Gold 579

Congratulations to our daughters Alexis and Kelsey for winning 2015 Champion Cow/Calf at the Stutsman County Fair.

Cow is first-calf heifer “Shimmer” that was shown by Alexis in 2014 as Yearling Heifer.

Congratulations to our daughter Alexis for winning 2015 Grand Champion Breeding Bull at the Stutsman County Fair with

Flying V Vegas Factor 100C, a March son of Vin Mar O’Reilly Factor.

Kelsey with 4-H show heifer “Queeny”  shown at the 2015 Stutsman County Fair.

Alexis with 4-H show heifer “Cleo”  shown at the 2015 Stutsman County Fair.

Sired By:

Vision Unanimous 1418

Sired By:

Vision Unanimous 1418

Congratulations to our daughters Alexis for winning Champion Cow/Calf at the 2016 NDJA Field Day.

Cow is second-calf Final Product cow that was shown by Alexis in 2014 as Yearling Heifer.

Kelsey and Alexis showing heifers at the 2016 National Jr. Angus Show in Grand Island, NE.